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Is the individual strength of the earth's gravity affected at all by its distance from the sun ?  Like does it increase or decrease according to its proximity to other larger bodies of gravity ?

The Earth's gravitational acceleration has NOTHING to do with the Sun. They are completely independent.
On the other hand the acceleration of an object near the surface of the Earth IS affected by the Sun since the total gravitational acceleration at a point in space is equal to the vector sum of the separate accelerations. That means that at a point on the Earth's surface the net gravitational acceleration will equal the sum of the acceleration caused by the Earth PLUS the acceleration caused by the Sun. In general, however, the effect of the Sun at a particular location on the Earth will be unnoticeable because it is MUCH weaker than that if the Earth which is much closer. However, there are situations where the Sun's gravitational acceleration can have significant effects such as ocean tides that are affected by the Sun.


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