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for q no. 3
for q no. 3  
q)An electric dipole is placed along the X-axis at the origin O. A point P is at a distance of 20 cm from the origin such that OP makes an angle 60 degree with the X-axis. If electric field at P makes an angle theta with x-axis, the value of theta is?

q)A charge Q is kept at the centre of a circle of radius r. If permittivity of free space is "F" silen not then the work done in carrying a charge q along the diameter of the circle will be?

q)A hollow conducting sphere is placed in an electric field produced by a point charge placed at P as shown in diagram.Let Va, Vb, Vc be the potentials at points A,B and C respectively.Then

#1 I do not fully understand the wording of the question as stated! A diagram would help.
#2 Since the potential is the same at each end of the diameter no net work will be done in moving a charge from one end of the diameter to the other end.
#3 All points on the surface of a conductor under the static situation must be at the same potential. If the points were at different potentials there would have to be a current flow which is contradictory. So the correct answer must be d).


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