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Hi Dr. Raymond.

Season's Greetings !!

I just saw a documentary on the latest in watches.
A very famous and hugely expensive brand came out with this new watch...It claims to be infused with a rare metal that will enhance the body's energy field.

My question is..a) Is there such a thing as body energy field? b) Is it the same as aura? c) If it does exist, can wearing an expensive watch , infused with "rare metal" enhance it...indeed, can it be enhanced at what ever means?


Hello Ayee:

Season's greetings to you!

a) Not in the sense that the advertisement is using.  While there is an electromagnetic field associated with our bodies, a heat radiating component of our respiration and a small gravitational field associated with our mass - none of these would be significantly changed by the proximity of a specific metal bound to our wrist.

b) 'Aura' is typically used as a metaphysical term, and as a non-believer I am disinclined to comment.

c) Enhancing the three types of fields which I have outlined in (a) can be achieved, however it would not be done by proximity to any 'rare metal' bound to a watch.  First, in the case of our personal electric fields, an MRI machine for imaging internal organs captures one form of enhanced field that can be induced by contrast agents which are put into the patients blood and change a very special type of magnetic property associated with the cores of some atoms in our body.  Also, simply thinking hard changes the local electromagnetic field around our brains. In the case of our heat radiation - anything that increases our respiration (cellular or otherwise) will lead to increased heat generation which in turn radiates from our surface (skin) or expels from our body (breath).  Last, our personal gravitational field really only changes when we increase or decrease in mass or move at very, very fast speeds.  Note that none of these involve a mystery metal on a band that is strapped to our wrists. :)

I hope this helps, and that you and yours have happy new year!

Take care.  


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