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Is the individual strength of the earth's gravity affected at all by its distance from the sun ?  Like does it increase or decrease according to its proximity to other larger bodies of gravity ?

Permit me to make something clear RIGHT FROM THE START.
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I hope this makes myself clear.

The strength of gravity from ONLY one body is not affected by the presence of other bodies. The gravitation pull of ONLY our Earth does not change at either perihelion or aphelion.

The TOTAL gravitational pull from ALL bodies -- including the pull from bodies OTHER than our Earth -- does, of course, depend on the proximity of those other bodies. We see this at the ocean shore twice every day. If our Earth did not have a moon, oceans would remain at pretty much one level all day, all year. But because there IS a pull of gravity from our Moon, the oceans rise and fall relative to the land. These tides also depend on the gravity pull from our Sun.

In the same way, if you measured your weight at noon, with the moon overhead, the pull of these two bodies would cause a slight reducing in the TOTAL pull downwards towards our Earth. Thus, your measured "weight" would be less than if you measured your weight twelve hours later.

Nevertheless, if you calculated the pull of our Sun and our Moon at both times, you'll find that the pull of our Earth has not changed.


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