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If an object moves at an acceleration of 16.33m/s^2, and has a velocity of 57.14m/s, how long would it take to travel 500m?

All kinematics problems can be solved in the same way. Since there are 6 variables: Do, Df, Vo, Vf, a and t and two equations to go along with them:
Df=1/2*a*t^2+Vo*t+Do  and  Vf=a*t+Vo
Any time you can identify 4 of these 6 variables you can always solve for the other 2!
In this case what you know are: Do=0m (Assume this the problems does not indicate otherwise), Df=500m (given), Vo=57.14m/s (given), Vf=? (unknown), a=16.33m/s^2 (given) and t=? (The answer to the problem!)
Using the displacement equation from above:
Solving for t using the quadratic formula yields:


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