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Good day sir.. My teacher told us that we should make an investigatory project about Physics.. I was kind of thinking if its possible that there will be a good topic that is very fun and entertaining but knowledgeable as well.. The kind of project that will not only benefit me but others as well.. Where I can use it everyday or at our house... Like about electricity and such.. Thank you very very much! More power! God Speed!

The most fun project will likely to make a Rube-Goldberg machine which is a series of contraptions that performs a trivial task in an unnecessarily complicated way. Each step in the contraption can be used to demonstrate a different physics principle and one of the nice things is that you can keep adding steps until you get bored. One recommendation, start this project at the end and work backwards since then you will always have a working project. For more information just do a web search for Rube Goldberg to find out more.


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