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Hi, I have a question concerning a video I saw in YouTube ( about a magnetic rail gun. In these video two students build a magnetic rail gun putting two parallel lines of rectangular magnets horizontally at 45 degrees.  Then they insert “push” one small magnet (projectile) at the beginning between the two lines of magnets and the small magnet (projectile) was expelled from the other end.
My first question: Does the force applied to the projectile (to enter in the track) is equal to the force that the projectile is repelled?
What happen if I rotate the horizontal plan of the rail gun track to 60 degrees (for example). Does the projectile will be expelled? The force will be sufficient to expel the projectile?
Thank you

1st Q: no.  The total energy expressed in the projectile acceleration is matched by the energy pushing the opposite direction on the gun.

2nd Q: possibly.  The total acceleration would have to overcome some of gravity and friction associated with the track in the gun.

Just watching the two young investigators in the video, I would guess yes.

A nice little explanation of the forces generated can be found here:

Depending on your math level, it may be all the info you need.

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