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QUESTION: If you mix hydroxycitric acid and Deadly Nightshade together in a bowl what will happen?

ANSWER: This is not a physics question.  It's a biochemistry one.  What the heck is a physicist supposed to say about mixing acids and plants?  I'm guessing, and this is a pretty good guess, that you'd end up with a pretty awful toxic substance.  Nothing that would kill right away?  Not sure.  Would it suck to ingest?  I'm pretty sure it would.  Would it kill you?  You are mixing in "deadly nightshade."  Perhaps you should search under biochemistry for my friend Dr. Trista Robichaud.  However, why you want to mix a weight loss drug (trade name hydroxycut) with a toxic plant is far beyond me and seems like a very bad idea on the face of it.  And you made the question private.  Are you trying to poison someone?

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Oh my goodness no! I just heard about the mixing of these ingredients from an old Halloween episode in the 90's:
The teenage boy in the story was mixing these elements and I was merely curious.  By the way, does you weight drug hydroxycut work well and does it have side effects?

THIS IS STILL NOT A PHYSICS QUESTION and therefore inappropriate to ask me.  Ask a biochemist.  And I have no idea if or how well hydroxycut works, I only used it because it's an example of hydroxycitric acid.  I am *also* no expert on diet supplements.  I'm a physicist, not a physician.


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