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My question is if u drop a bowling ball off a roof on to a trampoline would it bounce higher that a baseball dropped the same roof. Will the heaviest person bounce higher than the smaller

Hello Justin,

If we assume that energy is conserved, then they rebound to the same height. In fact, that height would be the height from which they were dropped.

In the real world however, there are some considerations that could cause the answer to be different. An example of those considerations is air resistance. Air resistance can cause the speed of the balls when they hit the trampoline to be less than the speed of a ball dropped from the same height in a vacuum. The density of the balls, not just their mass, would determine which ball was affected most. The construction of the trampoline and the surface it's sitting on could favor the heavier object.

So my best option is to assume that we ignore the real-world considerations and say they both rebound to the height from which they were dropped.

I hope this helps,


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