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1. A Car accelerates from rest at 2 m/s^2 for 8 seconds.
a) Draw a speed-time graph to show this motion.
b) use your graph to find
i) the final speed of the car
ii) the distance travelled by the car.

2. Can we calculate humans mass by the formula
"MASS = WEIGHT/GRAVITY". If we calculate our mass through this formula our mass changes when our weight changes. Then how can we say that mass will never change?

3. How Earth's gravity was created?

1a. The graph should be a straight, diagonal line with a y intercept of zero and a slope of 2m/s^2.
1b. Use the equation of the graph: Vf=a*t+Vo
1c. Calculate the area under the graph, a triangle, using 1/2*base*height= distance

2. Actually, your mass m is equal to the ratio of your weight W to the acceleration of gravity g: m=W/g . This ratio will be constant for a given mass m.

3. There are a number of different theories about how gravity works. One theory is that objects that exert gravitational force radiate "force particles" called gravitons that when intercepted by a mass results in a gravitational attraction.


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