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Dear sir
I am doing research on renewable energy.
I found some people claim that they could get continuous movement from earth gravity ,magnetism or both.
Some arranged press conferences....
Is this true ? if not , do you think it can be done ?
thanks and best regards

There are always some "expert" who come up with something too good to be true. And inevitably it is! Any new technology that was CHEAPLY capable to converting a free source of energy into a useful form would inevitably be in use. No one could stop it!
Slowly we are coming to better and completely renewable sources. For example, I get ALL of my electricity from solar. This was no fly by night event, it is the cumulative effect of many years of scientific and engineering effort and only now is it rapidly becoming cost competitive. The same thing can be said of wind power. We are headed in the right direction but there is no "magic bullet"!


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