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Hi! I was wondering how UV radiation in sun is formed? I know gamma radiation is made when a nucleus splits or fuses, and infrared is made when an object radiates heat but I haven't been able to find out the process that makes UV radiation. So could you tell me how UV radiation i ''born''?

The idea that infrared comes purely from heat is a misconception.  Similarly, the idea that gamma rays typically come from a reaction directly to a new location is also (typically) not correct.  There is a LOT of matter out there, especially near stars. The entire spectrum of light (ranging from ultrahigh energy gamma rays to very low energy radio waves) has a chance to interact with matter.  Every time it does there is a chance that some energy is lost to the matter and a lower energy photon is created from a higher energy one.  In effect, a bunch of the UV light that comes from the sun is coming from matter which was hit by high energy radiation, and then re-emitted lower energy radiation.  For very hot matter (like that of the sun) many elements have their own preferential emission energies when they have a lot of energy(Google spectral lines for Hydrogen, Helium or Argon for example... or any other element).

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