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Dear Steve

I submitted a paper last September on the subject of time and energy.  I have been asked to review and resubmit.  Reviewer A was dismissive.  I did not get the message across I fear.  However Reviewer B recognised the profound importance behind what I am proposing.  He basically says if I had the clout of Einstein it would be published and accepted.  Anyway, I have more work to do to complete it and would like assistance.  Your profile intrigued me as it requires some counterintuitive thinking.  I can send you the reviewers comments if you wish.

Kind Regards

Frank Martin

I have no idea what you proposed, and you don't actually say in this post.  Let me tell you two things:
1)  Reviewer A was dismissive, probably meaning that you were headed down the wrong track, but let's keep an open mind.
2)  Reviewer B said you'd need the clout of Einstein.  Do you know how many properly-done physics mysteries he solved?  You don't have the clout of Einstein, or I'd have heard of you for sure.  

Last thing.  Send me your ACTUAL PAPER and then I can tell you if you're a) a crackpot (I am an expert on those) with a seemingly good idea that was disproven long ago, b) someone with an idea that cannot be proven or disproven, or c) a person with a good idea worth studying.  You don't say one single thing about your paper, so how am I to respond?  I need not just their comments, I need the actual paper.


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I was a physics professor at the University of Texas of the Permian Basin, research in nuclear technology and nuclear astrophysics. My travelling science show saw over 20,000 students of all ages. I taught physics, nuclear chemistry, radiation safety, vacuum technology, and answer tons of questions as I tour schools encouraging students to consider careers in science. I moved on to a non-academic job with more research just recently.

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