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I've got a experiment at school and i don't now how to do it so can you help me????

what its about is to drop an egg from 2 meter and make shore it doesn't crack

we can only use these things

1 meter of tape
3 meters of string
and 2 sheets of news paper


The main point of this activity is to make the "collision" with the floor take as long as possible and to convert as much of the falling egg's energy ado work on something other than on the egg. In the automotive industry this is know as "controlled crushability"; every Joule of energy used to to do work on something else becomes unavailable to do work on the coup ants of the car. You want to do the same thing. Somehow build a structure which when contacting the floor undergoes this controlled crushability thus protecting the egg. In addition you want to make sure that any collision takes as long a period of time as possible and that the force of the collision is distributed as evenly as possible across the surface of the egg. Use you imagination and run as many test as you can before the actual event.


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