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Hi, Steve,

I am a retired university prof, and poet. I got inspired listening to a lecture by Nobel Prizewinner Jerome Friedman, and wrote a poem about particle physics. Don't know if that's your field, but since nobody mentions expertise in it, I am hoping you may be able to help me. Can you tell me if these lines are correct as to the physics?

"...the light both sings and shines in particles and waves..."

"...bound together with such force there is no tearing them You gluon, or call You Love...holding my particles together."

Dr. Friedman did mention something--don't remember whether it was the quark or what--that it takes such tremendous force to separate the parts as to make it virtually impossible to separate them.

Would appreciate any insight you can give me.

As someone with another degree in English myself, I can tell you that this is much more difficult out of context...but I see nothing fundamentally wrong with the physics.  The first line, about light, could be misconstrued to mean that light can be one or the other...but not both.  Also, you should know that the word "particle" in physics doesn't mean something solid.  It just means something indivisible, which must be absorbed or emitted in whole quantum units.  Common conceptual misunderstanding.


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