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Five conveyers are moving at different speeds conveyer A is moving 20 percent faster than conveyer B but conveyer B is moving 10 percent slower than conveyer C. Conveyer D is running 25 percent faster than conveyer X but conveyer X is running 15 percent slower than conveyer E. List the order of descending conveyer speeds from fastest to slowest.

This problem comes up frequently I need some kind of formula or a process that enables me to solve this kind of problem quickly
Thank you for your time

I am a bit confused by one point. Do you really mean conveyor X? If so then this problem is unsolvable.
If, however, conveyor X is really conveyor C then this is solvable. What you want to do is determine all velocities in terms of only one one conveyor. I have assumed conveyor C as the common conveyor.
CA=1.2B, CB=0.90CC therefore CA=1.08CC
Since CD=1.25CC
And CC=0.85CE therefore CE=CC/0.85=1.18CC

Putting all of this together:



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