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The is no gravity field inside a large hollow in the centre of the Earth there is no gravity I correct to say this. Hence weight is mass x g..therefore no g means no weight? Thanks!!

Hello ayee,

It is true that in the centre of the Earth there is no gravity field. So if a tunnel could be dug through the center of the Earth, an object at the center would have no weight. I need to comment on your statement "no gravity field inside a large hollow sphere". There is no gravity field at the center of a large hollow sphere.

And to be sure there's no misunderstanding, the sphere would not shield the contents of the sphere from an external gravity field. If you built a large hollow sphere here on the Earth's surface, you would not be weightless if you entered the sphere and went to the center. In fact, I should revisit my first statement about the center of the Earth. The Sun's pull would reach there.

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