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A circular loop of one turn and radius 5 cm is positioned with its axis parallel to a magnetic field of 0.6T. Suddenly the area of the loop collapses to 0 in 0.5 ms. What emf was induced?

a. 9.4 V b. 6.7 V  c.3.4 V  d. 1.2 V  e. 11.2 V

I'm not sure of to go about this since the area is 0. I was going to use the formula: e= L(I-Io)/ t. But there also is no current. How would I go about solving this problem?

According to Faraday's Law the EMF generated in a closed conducting path is equal to the rate of change of the magnetic flux:
EMF=-Ndphi/dt  where N is the number of urns in the closed path, Dphi is the change in magnetic flux and dt is the time interval over which the change occurred.
In this case the EMF will be:


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