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I am having difficulty with this problem. Any help would greatly be appreciated.

A pion at rest (mπ = 273 me) decays to a muon (mμ = 207 me) and an antineutrino (m~0). The reaction is written:
π^- --> μ^- + v bar (i think this is an antineutrino)

What is the total kinetic energy of the muon and the antineutrino?

The kinetic energy of the resulting particles can be found by determining the mass defect, the difference between the masses of the pion and the resulting muon plus neutrino.
The mass of the pion is:
The mass of the muon is:
The mass of the neutrino is, for all practical purposes, zero.
Therefore, the mass defect is:
Therefore, the kinetic energy released will be:


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