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QUESTION: Dear Steve,

Greetings. Is it possible for Numerical axioms ,Law of self similarity, scale invariance, combinatorial mathematics  to derive planks constant value, neutron, proton, electron mass value , neutrino value ,hidden/detectable state of space ,universal limits to detection  from within(Eternally)with precision with consistency  as dimensionless ratio without using experimental value, empirical value ,arbitrary constant?

ANSWER: Ummmm...physics is inherently an experimental science.  The axioms and laws are based on experimental observation just as much as the masses of particles.  The rest of the question was somewhat unintelligible.  You need observation to understand the universe, that's the long and the short version of it.

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QUESTION: Thanks for quick reply. " You need observation to understand the universe, that's the long and the short version of it."  
Isn't it true that vibrations do not travel but only the stresses transmigrate through a medium? Isn't it   an axiom. Because any process of detection or measurement or observation is purely a reactionary response to the completion of an interactive activity, isn't it? An interaction between any two objects causes a colliding stress that transmigrates as a reaction. Only a stress reaction can be detected provided the interaction is completed. Detection only confirms the existence of the stress but not what caused it in the first place. For stress can be caused only through interactions of ‘something’. Does this make any sense?

ANSWER: You're splitting hairs again.  Vibrations may not travel, but they depend on a medium which does indeed move under stress.  And no, the rest of your question doesn't really make physical sense.

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QUESTION: There must be interactions before electromagnetic waves takes place. Aren't electromagnetic waves transmigrated vibrations due to interaction between "something"? Isn't  assumptions in physics  as space is void leads to confusion in first place?  following research  one would like to share for you to explore based on numerical axioms ,dimensionless ratio ,self similarity and scale  invariant dynamic space where cyclic time in three phases govern all manifestations where fundamental interactions between  elementary particles in dynamic  precisely# Is it possible ?

Neutrinos must transmigrate faster than light or electromagnetic wave photons, due to axiomatic reasons# Neutrino mass is 9#5287340542E-35 kgs or 53#4522547393 EV# Its frequency of oscillation is 2#9657596692E+8 at a meter wavelength / sec and is an axiomatic rate of harmonic oscillation# It cannot change# Seven Neutrinos accelerate and radiate as a simultaneous wave front forming the magnetic state as the wave crest that then creates the photon with 374#165 EV# The Planck’s constant h = 6#6260755E-34 is 371#69 EV of equivalent energy carried as radiation in seven spectral ranges# Hence 374#165 – 371#69=2#47 EV, which is the work function involved in the accelerative process# It is measured as #1-#259921# x 2#47=1#8283 EV#  
On an accelerative interaction the Neutrino stream acts as the advanced wave function and the photon subsequently accelerates as a set of retarded waves of seven energy levels thus losing 2#47 EV# The Neutrino mass in the hydrogen spectrum is in resonant balance and its EV value of 53#45 is measured at the 2nd harmonic oscillatory boundary across a gap of #25991 #as ratio of its radius# at a resonant level of 98/100 and hence 53#45 x #98 /0#259921 is 13#605 EV#  When the acceleration of Neutrinos takes place as a photon the gap of #259921 is traversed by it as a dense wave front and is therefore slower# The compressed part of the wave has a frequency of 172200 and the expanded wave front has 1722# So the ratio of the difference is 100# The gap covered by the ‘to and fro’ motion of the oscillating wave front then has a value of #100 x #98#/#25992= 377#037 which is the impedance ratio value measured in space# Hence the total displacement covered as a ratio per oscillatory cycle is 1#259921 of radius and so the ratio of difference between advanced and retarded wave front is 100 × 1#259921 = 125#9921#  But as 7 neutrinos accelerate together simultaneously or merge at the crest, the value reduces to 125#99/7 =17#9988# Therefore the photon will be slower by 17#9988/ 2#9657596692E+8 = 60#68 billionths of a second# Hence in 730000 meters #tunnel length# it would be delayed by 0#1478 billionth of a second and that would be the detected delay#
Further Neutrino oscillation rate is axiomatic in space at 296575966 cps whereas light is 299792458 cps at 1 meter wavelength# The difference is exactly 1#010845 or log 1/213#459 as the ratio of solar radius and earth orbital radius# Hence that provides proof for the composition of space as a real continuum and not an empty or vacuous entity# The advance / retard potential ratio is given by the neutrino beam as 1#010845 or the blue shift in the frequency of EMW transmigration rate from 2#9657596692E+8 to  2#99792458E+8 as measured by Michelson Morley etc# Hubbard too saw this difference but interpreted it as a red-shift for he compared the observed frequency with 2#99792458E+8 #Michelson# and not the axiomatic rate of the Neutrino at 2#9657596692E+8 which actually provided the advanced potential# Feynman and Wheeler anticipated the advanced / retarded concept and Narlikar &Hoyle too saw it as the base for an absorber of energy in space
The Pioneer anomaly too #for the same reason# is 0#259921/299792458 = 8.67 E minus 10 . Hence the distance covered by the EMW waves from spacecraft will be shorter by 1 meter in 36.15 years of orbital time. Pl see web site below for proof in Sankhya theory.   Sankhyakarika

Electromagnetic waves are, in general, caused by the motion of electrical charges.  This causes changes in electric and magnetic fields.  Those changes lead to electromagnetic waves which need no interactions with anything in order to travel through space.  The physics of "empty" space is quite complex and does not involve a pure void, so that's not an assumption at all.

Neutrinos do not travel faster than light, or we'd receive them in our neutrino detectors before the light from a supernova got here.  They travel at very close to (but under) the speed of light.  This is a very well-measured phenomenon.  Reading further, Michelson and Morley didn't measure the speed of light, just measured that there was no change in the speed of light dependent on the direction of motion (i.e. no "ether" that filled space as a propagation medium).

Everything you type below the first sentence of the second paragraph is basically (I read it and wasted my time) nonsensical.  It does not compute in any logical way, no matter how what you typed may resonate with you.  For example, the ratio of the radius of the Sun and the orbit of the Earth has absolutely nothing to do with fundamental physics.  Nothing whatsoever.  


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