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Physics/Portable Telescope introduction in High Schools.


Portable Telescope
Portable Telescope  
Dear Prof James‎

1. Do you feel Telescopes can be introduced in Optics, Light
chapters/topics as a sub topic in High Schools, Colleges  ?.

2. Do you feel Portable Telescopes instruments purchase in High schools could be a good investment and can be taken in physics labs for practicals and demonstrations ?.

3. What could be the appropriate ages for Portable Telescopes Introduction in High Schools, Colleges i.e. 12-15 years, 16-18 years etc ?.

Awaiting your reply,

Thanks & Regards,
Prashant S Akerkar

1. Certainly, the discussion and analysis of optical telescopes is appropriate in an introductory physics course.

2. Given the usual financial constraints in a typical school the cost of such a purchase exclusively for use in a physics classroom seems a bit extravagant unless the telescope will be used by other teachers such as in an Astronomy or Earth Science class.

3. Both of those age ranges would be appropriate. Ray diagram analysis can easily be handled by both specified age groups.


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