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Physics/serious doubt about blueshift.


We know blueshift happens when an object moves towards the observer with a great velocity.
So suppose a self illuminating white ball, or a white sun, moving towards earth at high velocity appears to be blue. How does this happen? Wait, let me explain
Because white light is composed of so many colours, therefore all frequencies are shrunken when it moves towards us, right? Thereore In VIBGYOR, violet increases its frequency to ULTRAVIOLET, indigo moves to violet, like all other lights increases its frequency to a wave just below it, finally red shrinks to orange and infrared to red. So finally again we got a complete visible light spectrum. Therefore all the light should be seen as white. But why does it shows blue light? Why does blueshift occur?
Please explain me

No, you misunderstand the concept of blueshift.  A "white" light source generally has a peak frequency.  There's no such thing as a white light source which has the frequencies spread evenly across the entire's actually not possible.  What we measure blueshift by is individual transitions of very known frequencies when there's no relative velocity.  When these frequencies are emitted, they shift one way or another in the spectral lines towards the blue or red end of the spectrum.  That's what redshift and blueshift mean.  


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