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QUESTION: I was told that hydrogen and helium make up the dark matter in space. and ive heard to this hydrogen referred to as 278. maybe im mistaken. I was wondering if there would be any way to contain hydrogen from space in its original form and transport it back to its original state of exsisitance from be used in maybe nano technology transport in container without the original condition of the molecule as its found in space changing.thanks

ANSWER: That is incorrect, what you were told.  There is interstellar hydrogen and helium, but it is normal matter, not special in any way.  Dark matter is present in far, far too great a quantity to be explained by interstellar media at all.  I have no idea what the number 278 specifies, but it certainly wouldn't be hydrogen in any form known or theorized.  If you don't understand what it is, why ask if it can be used in nanotechnology at all?  That whole field has no relation to dark matter whatsoever.

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QUESTION: I may be misinformed and recently I was told that helium and hydrogen in space molecules were far apart. so im I incorrect in believing that dark matter in space isn't a sea of helium And hydrogen floating an energetic planet systems math? ok do tell. but I fail to see why hydrogen from space couldnt be used in nano technology if one could bring it back to this planet. it would be a molecule and have molecular properties.theoretically one could take the pressed microwaves from space and put them to use.i don't understand maybe because you are claiming that dark matter in space is what?the space between planets is made up of what?278 was the temature but I don't know enough I have to read again.

Hydrogen on this planet is vastly abundant and no different from the hydrogen you propose to harvest in space.  Hydrogen in space can exist as either atomic hydrogen or molecular hydrogen, as it can on Earth, no different.  No need to go to space to get it, just perform simple electrolysis on some water to separate the oxygen and hydrogen.  

Dark matter in space is made up of particles which do not interact via the electromagnetic force, hence it does not interact with light and it is "dark."  It's not like normal matter, but we can observe its gravitational pull.  Nothing to do with hydrogen.  

I don't know what pressed microwaves are.  A google search revealed nothing related to actual science with those words.


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