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Physics/I'm now in a fight to disprove einsteins theory of relativity


to disprove his  theory,  what are the other theories that i have to disprove first linked to relativity?
also tell me have  we conducted real experiments on his theory of relativity of simultaneity?

Approaching science as a "fight to disprove" a particular person's theory or theories is a fundamentally bad idea.  What do you have against someone who died so long ago and did so much good physics?  Not just in relativity, but thermodynamics and quantum mechanics as well.

In order to disprove relativity, you'd have to disprove every observational measurement made about it.  That list would be pages long, without relativity GPS navigation wouldn't work at all.  You'd be unable to explain time dilation leading to extended lifetimes of particles, the gravitational lensing of light, the success of Gravity Probe B, and a whole long list of extremely well-planned and well-done science by tens of thousands of very smart scientists.

Deviations from Einsten's theory of relativity will, they are found, be found by people with access to the LHC and knowledge of the construction of very short length measurements of gravitation.  Simultaneity is just a fact of life, that's not even something I would know where to begin with trying to "disprove" such a rock-solid standpoint on time.

In short, you don't have the money or resources to pull this off.  If you think you do, contact me and I'll set you up with some people who have been working on gravitation and anti-matter for years...a few hundred thousand and maybe you could extend Einstein's Relativity to see how antimatter behaves differently under it, even if you couldn't disprove it.


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