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Can you please help me with the basic importance of physics or its applications to every day life?

Thank you

Hello Chi Chi:

I will give you my basic discussion on what physics is and how it manifests - please send me a follow up question for specific details.

All of the universe is comprised of matter and energy.  Matter consists of all things which possess mass (atoms and whatnot) and energy can be thought of as free (waves - light mostly) and held by matter (vibrations, temperature).  Physics is the science of observing how matter and energy interact.   

3 examples:  [1] every single electronic device is a series of metals (one type of matter, which electrons, that carry energy, travel through), non-metals (matter that electrons are not that mobile through) and semi-metallics (matter that can be non-metal like or metal like depending on the environment).  Without the study of physics, no electronic devices could have been designed.  [2] all radio, broad cast TV, weather radar and wireless communications are based on the physics of how waves (light actually, just not the right frequency to see) interact with matter. [3] almost all mechanical devices (including the wheel, levers, screws, nails and hinges) demand an understanding of physics (matter interacting through force - which is a version of energy) to make them efficient and useful.

I hope this helps.



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