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Hello Mr. Kovalcin,

I am a high schooler. I have a question. What factors affect a car's distance when it is rolling down a ramp. How does the ramp height affect the distance of the car? Please answer these two questions quickly!! Thank you for your help.

The higher the maximum height of the ramp, the farther the car will roll. Essentially, a car at the top of the ramp has gravitational potential energy, the ability to do work because an object has height. Ad the car rolls down th ramp this gravitational potential energy is converted to work moving the car forward. The higher the ramp the greater the potential energy and so the farther the car will roll before friction brings the car to,rest.
The initial gravitational energy GPE will be equal to the work W done by the frictional force Ff.
m*g*h = Ff*d
Where d is the distance the car will roll before stopping.


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