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I just wrote a question about sleeping near the fuse box and EMF radiation.  I wanted to be clear that I live in a big tower on the 11th floor - the box that I was referring to in the bedroom is probably the circuit breaker (I don't know if that is different from a fuse box).  I just wanted you to have all the information to answer the question.

Thank you again!

They're similar, yes...haha no you should not be concerned about the fuse box or circuit breaker.  The frequencies of the electrical current are low, the voltage is very very low...just about everything you work with or around has a higher output, and you get closer to it than a meter.  Trust me, lamps emit more EMF.

Also, the definitive science studies of the subject concentrate on things which emit far FAR higher levels of radio wave intensity, like high voltage power lines.  The definitive and comprehensive ones have found no links even're so far in the safety threshhold that it's crazy to give a second thought to...don't lose one wink of sleep over that...but don't feel bad for asking.  You don't know about the intensity issues and the never took physics from me. :)  I always bring that issue up in physics II because most people are familiar with scary news stories.


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