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I read that according to Quantum physics, position of electron cannot be determined precisely. I was wondering how the electronic equipment work so precisely as expected if the path of the electrons is unpredictable. Please clarify.


Dear Ameen:

Sorry for the delay getting back with you.

The uncertainty of an electrons position is very small in a solid system (like a conductors and semiconductors and almost all in conventional electronics).  Even our smallest commercial circuits used in devices tend to be on the order of 100s or 1000s of nanometers.  The amount of uncertainty is more on the order of single nanometers.  This means that the chance of being at the edge of the 'quantum well' that defines the path is low to begin with and that as long as you don't have another  'quantum well' withing a few nanometer, your electrons will stay on the path.

Please feel free to follow up if you need something 'meatier'.

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