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Distinguish between research method and methodology with an example.

Please forgive my delay in responding -- it's the only way I can think of, to ensure I am not assisting with academic work, of which homework is just a small part. Also, as I am unable to determine the veracity of what people post, I can not know whether or not a question involves academic work.

This URL is a good place to start:

In a nutshell, methodology is the study of methods; in science, the study of which methods to use.
An example would be trying to determine whether or not a medicine designed for pain relief actually did so. Methodology would ask which method would be the best tool for doing: should it be tested vs a placebo or another pain reliever? Should it be self-reported in a journal or in an interview? Should there be actual measurements of limb movements or just what a patient reports? The METHODS are what are actually chosen.

Note, however, that English is a very fluid language, and the word "methodology" is rapidly becoming a synonym for "methods."


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