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Hi Steve
I'm a Industrial Design student from Denmark
I would like to know if you think the batteries is of a quality these days that it is possible to make a battery-powered clothing iron?
Best Regards and thanks!

Esben Rude
Industrial Design
Aalborg university, Denmark

Hello Esben,

I do not think this is feasible now. Would the lack of a power cord while using it be the main attraction? If so, this item would be significant competition.
Notice that the "charging base" has a cord, but the iron itself is cordless while in use. "Charging" of this iron consists of getting it hot. Not charging a battery. Once heated, it stays hot for a considerable time.

I do not have special knowledge of rechargeable battery options, but I did some analysis. Notice that the above iron has a power rating of 1500 W. I found an indication that it would be at operating temperature in "about" 3 minutes. Therefore heating it up would require 75 W-h of energy. Notice that this 100 W-h battery pack costs 300 USD. That shape of battery would of course not be preferable to fit in the iron you are considering, but it seems likely that the cost might be similar.

I'm sorry not to be more encouraging,


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