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Dear sir.

Is there any substances or chemical compounds which has the hard solid shape, but people touch it,could be changed into liquid right away.
Is it possible or not yet?
(P.s if it is possible, is it also possible to add some chemical chracteristic such as salty or organic mercury characteristic or pain relief,etc.)
Because i dont know well for science, very curious for mixing materials shape characteristic and materials content characteristics.
Thank you very much.

Ummmm...there are unstable substances of all kinds.  But nothing designed specifically to respont to the touch of people, that's not distinguishable from contact from anything else.  I'm not sure at all what salt, has to do with mercury.  I'm also not sure what you mean by "organic mercury," since mercury is (by definition) not organic...and also neither salt nor mercury have anything to do with pain relief.  Perhaps for questions involving pain relief you should consult a medical doctor.

For mixing materials' shape and "content characteristics" (you should perhaps clarify that, as well), perhaps you can be more specific.  Are you talking about things that look liquid but feel solid, or something like that?


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