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Are there any good instructions for building a laser? I've seen multi page documents online and that makes them seem very complex. They sell laser pointers in the dollar store these days so I would assume the technology is well understood these days. I basically might like to build a low intensity laser that I can control the exact wavelength of. Maybe even create laser art with mirrors and  fog etc.

Building a laser IS very complex, you don't just slap together some random stuff.  The first lasers were very difficult to build.  Now that we understand lasers, we can mass-produce them, yes.  However, setting up the fabrication line is still a massive technological challenge.  Building a laser whose wavelength you can control is far more difficult than building one at a fixed frequency.  Lasers generally emit light at an exact resonant frequency of a material or object.  If you really want to tune the frequency of a laser you need to build a free-electron laser, which is basically a particle accelerator with some fancy magnets and laser end caps.  I used to work at Duke's facility with their free-electron's the size of a warehouse (typical size for such a device).  Otherwise, you're looking at maybe a Thorlabs product that will run you around $20,000.  No, what you're asking is actually really difficult to make, even if you have all the fanciest setups and a degree in applied physics.  If multi-page instructions seem to complex, perhaps you're looking at the wrong science project and should stick to something easy, like rockets? Just a suggestion.


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