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How pyramids with huge structures of stones were built in Egypt more than 2000 years ago. Some people claim by even today’s engineering, it is impossible to build such massive boulders and stones to be put on such a height. They claim that there should have been non-humans (aliens) involved in the construction. Can you please address this issue in detail.


Actually, building the pyramids was well within the technology of the time. We tend to dramatically underestimate the capabilities of the ancients. Specifically, the ancients knew full well how to design, build and use simple and compound machines easily capable of building the pyramids. For example, in moving the stones up to the heights of the pyramids a long road [an inclined plane!] would have been built up the side of the pyramid and the stones would have been moved on rollers using teams of oxen. The idea of aliens building the pyramids is, quite honestly, absurd and completely unnecessary!


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