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In Mecca, there is a well called "ZamZam" (  which supposedly provide water for millions of pilgrims. How it is possible for a well in a desert produce so much water? Is there any such wells in the world? Also is the medicinal property in the ZamZam water scientifically proved? Many pilgrims claim that the zamzam water does not get spoiled for very long time unlike other waters? How much scientific is the claim?

I can' t really say anything about the special health issues regarding the medicinal properties of the water, although I would be VERY skeptical about such claims in the absence of controlled experiments. As for the waters existence at all, such aquifers were filled with water from the last ice age and qualify as a non-renewable resource that is being "mined" and will most likely not be recharged in any time frame relevant to those currently alive. The US has its own non-renewable aquifers - also being drained much more quickly than they can recharge.


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