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There are thousands of architects and engineers who claim that the WTC building could not have collapsed by the impact of the hijacked planes. Please see below.

Is it possible for a building to collapse from top to down when the impact is only at the top of the building? Can the fire propagate and melt the steel or iron rods in a uniform fashion. Also they claims that the collapse seems to look like controlled demolition rather than an attack. Please explain.

I saw the collapses happen.  And those buildings were on fire for a very long time, the melting makes perfect sense.  The planes chosen were chosen for their fuel content as much as their origin locations.  It looked like slow failure reaching a tipping point of a pancake collapse to me.  When you mix emotional responses in there's a tendency for bad thought processes to second-guess perfectly ordinary conclusions.  This "for the truth" conspiracy stuff is, in my opinion, not worth listening to at all.  They have no real actual reason to think along those lines when the solutions seems a lot more obvious.


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