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Physics/Birds colliding with airplanes


I was wondering about the airplane crash into the river a few years back when a group of birds got hit by the plane happened. So how come a big object like a plane can be downed by a pack of soft and fragile birds hitting it? I mean shouldn't the birds just go straight through the turbines and get chopped to pieces and come out the other end in pieces and the birds not hitting the engines just hit the plain like a fly hits a windshield?

Thanks for your question Mika!

Yes, I know this seems strange.

You simply have to remember that Force = Velocity Squared times the Mass.
(F= V2 X M) So, even if you have a fairly small or light object ... it is the the velocity of impact that is the most important factor.

Even a grain of sand can go through a steel plate if it is going fast enought.

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