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QUESTION: According to general relativity, spacetime distorts everything is energy, therefore the electro magnetic field.
How much less energy would be needed to produce warp bubble, you need to use negative energy?

ANSWER: This question is meaningless babble.  Spacetime does not distort anything.  Gravitation distorts spacetime.  It is not electromagnetic in nature at all, that's well-demonstrated.  Ridiculous amounts of gravitational energy (this much we know) are needed to make warp drive possible, and no one yet has any plan to do it.  There are some smart minds who have worked on this for decades, if you think gravitation is somehow electromagnetic then you should stop wasting time thinking about this problem...let them handle it.

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QUESTION: Thank for answer.
I am sorry.There is error.

According to general relativity, spacetime curving everything is energy, that electro magnetic field.
How much would need less energy to produce warp bubble, you have to use negative energy?

Still nothing to do with electromagnetic fields at all.  There is no known thing called negative energy, it has never been observed and is not part of common physics theories.  Gravitational distortions might be used, but no one has yet figured out a mechanism to really make warp drive that way without destroying whatever was caught in such an intense field.


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