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Hi! I ran into an argument with a young Earth creationist about the age of the Universe. When I brought up that we see light coming from 13.7 billion light years away he handwaved that problem away by saying that during the creation the lightspeed must have been higher. However this got me to E=MC^2 formula. If we look at how much 6000 years is from 13.7 billion it is 2283333 smaller than thr 13.7 billion years. So that would have meant that simple reactions like uranium decay in the Earth would have been so energetic that Earth wouldn't have formed and would have blown into pieces since those reactions would have been dozens of orders of magnitudes more energetic than they are. Am I right about this?

Hello Antero,

It is hard to take a hypothesis expressed in one sentence and carry it to detailed analysis. The creationist could easily create another loophole to escape problems. And do we really know how much extra energy the Earth could have survived. I don't know.

Sorry I couldn't contribute to your argument,


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