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Physics/perssure influence on air under water


QUESTION: what i can do for change the electromagnitique wave length and is it possible to change visuelle length into microonde or another length
(ultravilot..)  i like if there is solution with some liquide or refraction defraction thank you

ANSWER: You don't have a lot of detail here, and I'm not sure what wavelength you're starting with.  You can lengthen a wave with a wavelength shifter (usually only good to go from like ultraviolet to green wavelengths), but you destroy all focus and light ray directionality in doing so.  You can shorten a wavelength by passing a wave into a medium with a higher index of refraction, like glass or diamond, as long as you correct for focusing effects.

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is bottel  air compressed in he top of pipe
is bottel air compres  
QUESTION: what happen to the air in the bottle when i make it under water (in the pool)
(see photo add) and than when it floating in the perpendicular pipe

(when i make this expericnce at home i open a hole in the top of botelle first when it was under water in the pool and the air go out and the bottel be full of watre naturelly but in the top of pipe when i opon the hole in the top of bottel the water falldown form the pipe(it is  3m hight ) to the pool and be empty of water is that mean that the air not is not comprassed in the  of  bottel like the first time (pleas see the photo for more information what is imprtant for me is if the air was compressed or not in the pipe )

I'm somewhat limited in my understanding of your question by the obvious language barrier.  However, I'll give it a shot.  The pressure of the air on the water in the open pool will only push the water in the cylinder up a certain distance.  However, this distance is about 10m of water in the vertical column.  As your bottle gets above the height of the surface of the pool, the pressure of the water drops below atmospheric pressure.  That should make the air in the bottle expand beyond its volume (if the bottom of the bottle is above the surface of the pool) and leak out of the bottle itself.


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