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if an object like empty water bottle with
weight of 12 gram fall from rest and hit
another object with speed of 50 km/h
what is the impact force power on
second object ?
sorry for bad english
thank for answering

Hello sahand,

Impact force power is not a clear physics term. I can calculate impulse if I assume that the bottle comes to a stop, sticking to the 2nd object. (Perhaps a friend caught it.)
Impulse = change in momentum = m*Vf - m*Vi = 0.012 kg*(0 -(-50 km/h)) = 0.6
(The common units for impulse are kg.m/s. Perhaps you should convert -- it depends on how you will use this data.)

If I assume the time it takes to bring the bottle to a stop, I can calculate the average force applied. For that I will have to convert the above impulse data to kg.m/s.
0.6 * (1000 m/1 km) * (1 h/3600 s) = 0.167 kg.m/s
I assume the bottle comes to a stop in 0.04 s. Impulse also equals average force*time
0.167 kg.m/s = Fave*0.04 s
Fave = (0.167 kg.m/s) / 0.04 s = 4.17 kg.m/s^2 = 4.17 N

I hope this helps,


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