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Hi! In Babylon 5 there are particle beam weapons that shoot particle beams with energies of 270000 terajoules which roughly is 65 megatons of tnt. So I was wondering if you could tell me that if this gun existed what would it look like when fired:
a) at a spaceship
b)from orbit to ground?

Would it be as destructive as a nuke when fired from orbit? And let's assume that it fired iron nucleuses at 99.998% light speed.

Hello Mika,

If this weapon exists, it would be a secret. If I knew of it (which I don't) I couldn't tell you.

While the beam traveled through the vacuum of outer space, the beam would not be visible. I expect the atmosphere would interact with it and give off light. In case b, where it hit the ground it would look like a massive explosion. The energy of the beam when it hit the ground would relate to the energy of a nuclear bomb with the same yield.

I hope this helps,


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