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Hi Steve,
I'm buying a house with a fancy home automation system.  I'm concerned about the EMF it would generate.  I think I am somewhat electro sensitive.  I have tinnitus, which might be exacerbated by EMFs.
If I just turn the system off, would that stop the EMF's?  Or do I need to rip it out?

Tinnitus sufferers are sensitive to transformers and (more so) chopping power supplies.  Really very little to do with EMFs, and a home automation system only emits absolutely tiny levels of EMF due to the ultra-low frequencies it works on.  We're not talking anywhere near the same league as a single cell phone in the next house over, for most of the schemes I've seen.  Don't bother turning it off, it'll manage power and actually lower the EMF levels in your house, properly used.  Worry about the things that use and (especially) modify the power in your house.  Flourescent lighting (the old kind with the big gas ballast, not the new little ones).  Again, digital power supplies and motors.  You clearly have a big is the case?  I'd go to a laptop if you're concerned about that.

Lots of people think they're sensitive to such things, but currently there's absolutely no reputable (and I stress reputable, there are a lot of fear-mongers out there who have nothing better to do than espouse unproven claims) research to support this.  There's a huge amount of anecdotal advice (not trustable, but very human to believe it) and some reason to believe that truly large EMFs from large transformers might have some remote biological effects.


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