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i am very curious about plasma. i have no one to ask some questions that to you will be very basic. if you don't mind to tell me for example if i put a negative 1MV van de graaff in a small room and have an air ionizer (electron generator) in the room also, will the maximum discharge arch be increased since the air is plasmatized?
also if one was to have a electric potential between two electrodes such as that a maximum arch length is 1cm and then the two electrodes are brought close to a negative 1MV van de graaff would the maximum discharge length increase since the air is plasmatized as the electron leaving the VDG terminal plasmatize the air near it?
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An air ionizer?  Design details and placement would be considerations.  It might help increase the number of ions in the air, thereby increasing the leakage current from the Van de Graaf.  I think it would also lower the maximum dielectric breakdown strength of the air, thus lowering the maximum voltage of the generator.  

The second question is a little murky.  Do you mean that another electrodes are 1 cm apart?  Extra ionization will decrease the discharge lengths between electrodes in the ionized air, since it's the air's dielectric strength that determines the breakdown electric field.  It's the combination of the field and the air properties that cause a discharge, not so much the metal itself (though the geometry of the conductors helps determine the field).


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