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Dear Prof Steve

Is it possible to display content in different languages viz german, french, japanese, french, spanish, dutch, chinese etc using 7 segment led display other than english content in
products ?.

Products Examples : Weighing machine, Treadmill Machine, Steppers, Electronic meters etc

Will there be limitations in having a 7 segment led display for producing these products having 7 segment led display other than english content ?.

For example : Enter weight in Kg - This is english content
display in treadmill displayed in 7 segment LED Display.

Now can we have Treadmill products sold in different countries where the native language is spoken, for example In Japan Japanese, In China - Chinese etc having the equivalent of Enter weight in Kg in other languages viz Japanese, German, French, Italian etc displayed in 7 segment LED Display.

i.e. 7 segment Led display should be able to display multilingual characters other than english content.

Can there be limitations to 7 segment led display in displaying
different languages characters ?.

Awaiting your reply,

Thanks & Regards,
Prashant S Akerkar

Hello Prashant,

I can't imagine how the message "Enter weight in Kg"  would be shown on a device with 7 digit displays. How would the t be shown? The w, the K?

The wikipedia page you provided suggests that a 16 segment display is required for full alphanumerics. And it then says that "these have mostly been replaced by dot matrix displays." It didn't indicate if those displays that can handle alphnumerics are limited to English characters. In the line from wikipedia that I quoted above, the 2 words dot matrix form a link to a page about dot matrix displays. Click that to see a demonstration of how a W would be made with a 35 dot display.

I am not a linguist, I can manage to order beer or a hotel room in only 4 languages. But it seems that if the dot matrix display has enough dots, it could display the characters of any language.

I hope this helps,


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