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Physics/How big of a spaceship could be sent to another star system?


Greetings and a happy new year 2015! I was pondering about interstellar colonization and the ridiculously long times it takes to get to other star systems. So my uneducated opinion is that we should send a whole colony large enough to support itself indefinitely to the other star systems instead of sending more and more support.

The desings for the spaceship bringing the colonists to the other star system could very well be similar to a space habitat that rotates itself to provide for gravity. An O'neill Cyliner is 32km long, 6,4km in diameter, made of steel and houses ten million people. This would be an acceptable starting size for the colony in the other star system.

But the problem is that this thing would be massive. Very massive. So could we build the propulsion systems using even any theoretical propulsion methods to bring this colony ship to the other star system?

And if we were to send a spaceship to an another star system in hopes of colonizing it, what size would you guestimate the ship to be?

Hello Mika ... Happy New Year !

Well I am just going to give you the answer from what I know.

First of all the problem with distance does not exsist once gravity is understood.
Gravity is just a complex wave structure with millimeter size wavelengths.
I is possible to acheive relative velocities which allow the transverse of space in
the many light-years of distance in only a few hours or days.
Even higher technologies than this exsist.

The size of the ship is not limited very much at all.
Ships exsist now which are in the one mile size. Several local civilizations have these now.
They are maily used to give tours. Amazing, right !?

Much Happiness,


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