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Physics/emf radiation from a power pole with a transmiter attached


I live in a home located in a subdivision which has lakes and several commons areas which are owned by the property owners. Ours is the first house in the subdivision and all electrical lines are underground. However, there are other homes located a good distance down the street who also have underground electrical lines but are not members of our subdivision.   We have lived here 15 years but around 3 years ago the power company came onto the other side of our street in a commons area and buried a large green vault and then took an existing wooden power pole which has what appears to have what I assume to be a low voltage transformer on it as it does not look to be a very large metal canister but a round metal canister nontheless and a couple of coils. I would say the pole is about 15 feet in height. They then did a Frankenstein kind of deal on the wooden pole where they attached at least three metal tubes to the wooden pole and through these appear to be running numerous black electric cables which I assume are the electrical lines for our entire subdivision where there are at least 100 homes.  In each homeowners yard including ours there are green boxes which I assume contain some kind of electrical equipment. The pole where the steel tubing is attached to it appears to be about 6 feet wide. Otherwise the wooden pole is still showing at the top for about 7 feet.  This is all an estimate and I am not too great at it.  This contraption even though elevated on it's side of the street is eyelevel-transformer part- on my side of the street.  It is about 180 feet away from the side of my house that is most commonly used and is easily seen from my French door window.  I am highly worried about EMF radiation coming from this set up as this is the only pole like this in our entire large subdivision as it appears to be supplying everyone's electrical needs out here as well as those of the people who live up the street and are not even in the subdivision.  These wires from this pole then submerge underground at the base of the pole. Is this something I have to be really concerned about and if so what suggestions can you make to help me rectify the situation? My husband is not supportive of me regarding this but I do not want to wind up with brain or other cancer because of this.  Please help.  Thank you so much.  Sleepless in Mississippi

Hello Sandra,

Yes some power poles have unusual features. I have seem some poles with features that I can't identify. About 50 years ago, while a college student, I spent one summer working with a crew working on power distribution poles. I didn't learn anything that would help here. Your title for your question implies there is a transmitter on the pole. But I can't tell which of the features you described you suspect is a transmitter. Anyway, on to some research I did.

These 2 sites will give you some reading material that I hope will allow you to get some sleep.
Both these sites include discussions on extremely low frequency (ELF) radiation. ELF includes the frequency of our AC power. These report summarize many carefully conducted medical studies. The reports say that in general the results have been inconclusive. My summary of what they said was that some studies show a slightly higher risk to children if they are in a situation with much higher than normal exposure to ELF-EMFs and other studies show no risk to anyone due to ELF-EMFs. All respected studies have agreed that no risk has been found when ELF-EMFs levels are not higher than normal.

I hope this helps,


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