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Physics/Magnetic levitation used to reduce wheeled vehicle ground pressure


Hello, and thanks for being willing to answer questions.

I have been studying several weight classes of potential future armored vehicles, and it occurred to me how very often one hears:

"It is impossible to build an armored vehicle, wether it be wheeled or tracked, of greater than [value X] in its all-up loaded weight. Otherwise, the ground pressure will be much too high and the surface under the tank will subside and collapse, rendering the tank immobile and virtually useless."

I have read that this was why the Nazi tank known as Maus was only on the extreme margin of practicality, and why the Nazi tank known as Ratte was never even built.

Now I wonder wether someday it might be be practical to use a magnetic levitation system built into the lower chassis of an armored vehicle -- analogous to the trackbed for a maglev train -- and then have permanent magnets beneath the turret of the tank, holding the turret a tiny distance from the remainder of the chassis, then dynamically self-correcting even while the chassis beneath was moving on its conventional wheels or tracks? Might this also help with recoil mitigation?

I am sorry for the unusual question, and thanks once again for your time.

Basically the force on the ground will not be reduced (ala Newton's laws).  So you still have the same fundamental problem of weight on the ground supporting the tank.  "levitation" still requires something to levitate from, unless you're Harry Potter.  


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