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Physics/Portable Electric Hot plate for Cooking.


Dear Prof Steve

Is it possible to design a portable electric Hot Plate for cooking which is battery operated?.


Hello Prashant,

Yes, of course it is possible.

The obvious next question is "would it be practical?"
Assume you need to boil 4 liters of water that is initially at 20 degrees C.

Calculate how much heat is required to raise the temperature of the water to 100 degrees C.
deltaQ = m*c*deltaT
So we need:
the mass, m, of 4 liters of water = (1 kg/liter)*4 liters = 4 kg
heat capacity/m, c, for water = 4.186 kJ/( C)
deltaT = 80 degrees C
So deltaQ = m*c*deltaT = 4 kg*4.186 kJ/( C)*80 degrees C = 1340 kJ

Calculate how much heat is needed to change that water to steam.
Q = m*L
So we need:
the heat of fusion, L, of water = 334*10^3 J/kg
So Q = m*L = 4 kg*334*10^3 J/kg = 1336*10^3 J = 1336 kJ

Total heat energy required is 1340+1336 = 2676 kJ = 2.68 MJ

The following website includes a table of energy density in various energy sources
It gives the energy density of a non-rechargeable lithium battery as 4.32 MJ/liter. That appeared to be the highest energy density among the batteries. So that says that the (non-rechargeable) lithium battery barely able to handle the above task would be about 0.62 liters in size. This assumes that no heat is lost to the surroundings. That of course would not be achievable.

I leave it up to you to decide if this would be practical.


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