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QUESTION: hello sir
my question is about vacuum (zero point energy).could anyone tap into vacuum energy & provide it as a usable & efficient energy til now? is it real  stories about free or low cost energy inventor who were threatened or even assassinated by governmental organizations of USA or oil companies ? i have read these terrible stories on internet witch i hope not to be real but i'd like to know the reality from you .

ANSWER: Zero point fluctuations of the vacuum are still a research area today.  No one has figured out a way to "tap into" such a super-tiny effect.  There have been "energy inventors" with delusions of persecution almost as long as there's been modern technology.  There have not been any breakthroughs in this area, and no threats or assassinations.  It's a common theme I discovered about them while doing research for a book on science crackpots.  There's no end to the number of them, and to the ridiculousness of their claims (on every front, chemistry, physics, medicine, political persecution).  If you talked to some of these people, as I have, you realize that they're going strictly on some kind of internal fantasy notion guided by what "could be" instead of reality.  On the internet, they're far worse because there's no one to look them in the idea and tell them that they're wrong.

But their stories to make a pretty good read...

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QUESTION: Thank you so much for your reply. but don't you think which there have not been any breakthrough in more than 100 years in energy field is too strange to believe while in any other area of technology have been tremendous progress & creation? why have not it happened?

The generation of electricity itself was too strange to first.  It's always that "at first" part.  Same with solar panels, the idea was weird for people to wrap their head first.   Once a technology has been shown to generate energy for real, it's quickly accepted and exploited by people eager to make money with it.  And there has been tremendous progress in energy creation and distribution.  Idealized turbine designs.  Efficient transformers.  Digital power.  Nuclear reactors. Fusion power!  So many advances in 100 years.  The thing about energy is that you're not producing something new from nothing, every technology there is about transforming some existing energy into a usable form.  So it's all about energy conversion.  Therefore, it always starts with the energy source, and people have been investigating energy sources for centuries.  As we tap into things like fusion power, you'll see more advances.


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