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Hey, just playing with ideas, can you point me out where im wrong please :)
so what im wondering about is moving faster than the speed of light by synthesizing a chemical that when struck (probably at right angles) by light (or photons because you need the energy for movement?) will react by moving the chemical (object) in a direction? the light (or photons) could be focused through a first layer of material so all light is reaching the chemical from the same direction, then have a 2nd layer made of hexagonal shaped filters to sort the light into useful wavelengths for varying polarity between particle speed? this could cover a ship that would probably have to be designed in a shape to fit the antinodes of whatever waves are created at light speed plus.

Ah so yeah i can see some holes in it haha but food for thought and do you see where im coming from? do you think there could be an answer in there? i guess my thought pattern is why use light to make electricity to power our things when we could potentially use the light directly as power?

I know this isnt a very serious question and ive made you a bit of an essay to read, but i would really appreciate some feed back, even just hypothetical!

Hello Fraser,

I'm sorry but your question is not clear to me. Do you suggest that this chemical (object) will achieve a velocity greater than c when struck by light? And if this chemical (object) coats a ship, then the ship could achieve a speed greater than c? I don't think so.

I tried to search for the phrase you chose for the subject: light polarity. I got discussions about polarization, about the Optical Revolution that occurred 170 years ago, about Heart & Soul Healing's Use of Clear Light, about polarity of lenses, and some other stuff that I couldn't comprehend.

You may be on the trail of something important, but I can't understand.



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